Welcome to the Gold River Streamkeepers Society

streamkeepers installing the coho fence on Dunlop Creek

 Gold River is located approximately one hour west of Campbell River in Nootka Sound on Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada.  You will find lot's of good information on what we are trying to acheive in our area, the partners that are helping to get us there, some of the fish inventories, habitat assessments, and watershed projects that we've completed, and the future projects we have in the planning stages.  Check out our calendar for upcoming events such as community events, fundraising, meetings and much more.

Inside this website you will find:

  • Information on our society
  • Information about projects and reports in our area
  • Information on watersheds in our area
  • Information on other organizations similar to ours that promote the same principles as the GRSK

So click on a link and come on in!

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