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World Wide Web Carcass Guidelines
Historically, huge numbers of salmonid carcasses provided entire watersheds with abundant nutrients derived from the ocean. Recent research strongly suggests that salmon carcasses (i.e., marine-derived nutrients) play a key role in maintaining the productivity of salmonid systems.

World Wide Web Carcass Public Info Pamphlet
Recent studies show that spawned-out salmon carcasses provide direct food to salmon juveniles and play a key role in maintaining the productivity of salmonid ecosystems.

World Wide Web Fertilizing Rivers And Streams
Fisheries technician Lloyd Burroughs shows fertilizer pellets used to boost algae in Keogh River.

World Wide Web Salmon as Nutrient Pumps
Over 60 researchers from Europe, Russia, Japan, Alaska, Canada, and the Pacific Northwest explain how anadromous fish carcasses contribute directly to the health of watersheds in the Northwest and other places around the world where salmon exist.