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Gold River Streamkeepers Society Riparian Education

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World Wide Web Forest Cover and Impervious Surfaces
The purpose here is to remind readers of the scientific framework for evaluating the consequences of urban development on aquatic systems and to review the history of surface-water management.

World Wide Web Riparian Final Report W7
In 1994, Forest Renewal BC established the Watershed Restoration Program to help restore fish stocks by reversing damage done to forestlands by past forest harvesting practices.

World Wide Web Riparian Protection
This report discusses when local governments are obligated to pay compensation for restrictions on land use to protect the environment.

World Wide Web Stream Corridor Restoration
There is a phenomenal resiliency in the mechanisms of the earth. A river or lake is almost never dead. If you give it the slightest chance...then nature usually comes back.   — Rene Dubos 1981