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Dunlop Creek Coho Indicator Fence Installation

On April 19 and 20, 2008, the Gold River Streamkeepers and DFO will be installing the Dunlop Creek Coho Indicator Fence. Come on out and join the fun...

We welcome all volunteers to help us install once again the Dunlop Creek Indicator Fence with guidance from Jack Newman of DFO and GRSK members.  The fence will get started on Saturday April 19 and finish on Sunday April 20.  Starting time is 10:00 am and if you need more information contact Ken Smith or Patrick Watson.  You can also email the administer of this site and he'll forward your request. 

The indicator fence project is an important part of determining the survival of Coho smolts as they rear in the stream.  Also caught in the box are other species including steelhead smolts, rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, lampreys, sculpins, and the odd water beatle.  Elk are commonly seen in the area feeding on the newly grown grasses and resting in the area accross the creek. 

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