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Gold River Streamkeepers Society Background

The Gold River Streamkeepers Society was incorporated in December 2001. We have over 15 members and many more part time members who help out when they can. We have had three different presidents since we started and many different directors. Our members meet on the third Wednesday of every month except for July, August, and December. Please visit our calendar of events for times and other information. 

Our mission is to work towards rebuilding our local watersheds through education, protection, and restoration. We hope to accomplish our goals by providing education to all the user groups and students in our area. We provide free streamkeepers courses every year complete with manuals. We also (when we can) provide a series of classes at the local high school using power point to emphasize our points with the final class held outdoors during a field trip to Cougar Creek!

We hold a seat at the table of the Nootka Sound Watershed Society, where all the partners and user groups of Nootka Sound get together to discuss enhancement, protection and restoration issues.

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