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November Minutes for the Gold River Streamkeepers Society




Meeting called to order at 7:16 pm. Paul talked about the Stream Keepers Federation giving us a $10 discount off of the manuals as our trainer donated his time in kind. Question is what do we do with extra money? Mike suggested we contact everyone who paid for the manuals and ask if they would like to donate the money to the society coffers or receive a refund? Discussion followed about pros and cons of donating $10 to society. Will allow for minimal administration costs ie: gas to go to field sites, cost of mailers/stamps for soliciting funding, etc.

Paul asked if anyone would like to stand as President in order to set up bank account. Paul stated he will stand as Secretary/Treasurer. Jim stated that all nominations must take place at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), but he would stand as temporary President until AGM. Consensus was reached for Jim Mitchell to stand as interim President and Paul Smith will stand as interim Secretary/Treasurer until AGM. Paul gave an updated on the financial status of the society. To date we have received $437.50 in cash and cheques. $30 has been paid out of petty cash towards our name registration. The cost of manuals and society registration will come out as soon as cheques are received in the mail.

Darrell asked if we could adopt a new bylaw accepting new members on a probation period until they are able to take the course. Consensus was reached to allow temporary members for the time being and to address the addition of a bylaw at the AGM. Jim suggested we print up a form that lists all Stream Keepers supplies in possession by members with a signature by members to keep track of who has what. Everyone agreed. Darrell asked if there was any funding left to purchase whistles? Paul stated he won't know until after fleece vests are purchased. Discussion followed on the importance of having a whistle in the field and consensus was reached to purchase them when funding allows. Kevin stated he would see if hatchery would donate whistles. Jim asked about Canton Creek Side Channel Assessment status. Paul replied that he is still waiting for Monica's final summary and invoice. Jim also asked about the Conuma Off Channel project. Paul replied that he hasn't talked to Chris about data collected. Floyd talked about Adult Coho transplant in upper Conuma. Discussion followed about whether it was a political decision by Fisheries and Oceans Science Branch or just the hatchery manager not wanting to do it. A comment was made that normally we would just go do it on our own time with one hatchery personnel who is insured to drive truck. Mike talked about designing a project similar to "Salmonids in the Classroom". He wants to call it "Adopt a Fish". Discussion followed about the merits and benefits of the project and how it would be set up. Project was approved by consensus. Jim asked about storm drain marking program. Discussion followed around the fading of existing markings and some drains requiring markings in our community and how we could involve the kids to help paint new markings ie: scouts, elementary schools etc. Paul stated he had some information and contact numbers for the program. Jim stated that we should contact Craig Anderson to determine if the program already exists. Floyd volunteered his time in helping who ever would take on this project. Jim reminded everyone about the Nootka Sound Residents Association meeting tomorrow night. Ken talked about Rod and Gun Club wanting to plant nine bark and willow along side of side channel and would be looking for volunteers. Paul gave a little background on where this project came from. Dave Clough had stated his concerns over the slope of the bank and possibilities of it collapsing into the channel. There was some discussion around how to address this problem and it was agreed to work with the Rod and Gun Club to stabilize the banks. Someone commented that Western would probably donate more grass seed.

Action items:


  • Paul will contact members to see if they want $10 or will donate to society.
  • Paul will look into costs of whistles.
  • Paul will ask Chris to give update at next meeting on Conuma Off Channel.
  • Mike Thurber will take on Adopt a Fish project and solicit help from members as needed.
  • Paul will contact Craig Anderson about storm drain marking program.
  • Paul will phone directors to determine vest color and size for order.
  • Darrell will phone Glen Wilson to try and acquire grass seed.
  • Kevin will take on Big Bend Creek salmon enumeration and seek help as needed.
  • Ken will contact Vaughn Michaud to offer help in salmon enumeration on Dunlop Creek.


Next meeting date will be chosen by Paul and sent out to members via phone and email for approval or re-scheduling. Meeting was adjourned at 8:16 pm.

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