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2002 January Minutes For The Gold River Streamkeepers Society




Meeting called to order at 7:09 pm.  Introductions followed around the table.  Jim asked that everyone sign the attendance sheet for administration protocol.  Jim asked for errors or omissions for agenda. Jim commented that he has a couple on the potential for creating a vice president position and some discussion on the level of participation by members under new business before elections.  Chris stated that he would like to talk about the Muchalat Lake acclimation pens under new business also.  This was penciled in under membership dues.  Chris moved to accept agenda, seconded by Darrel. Called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Jim asked that everyone take time now to read over the previous minutes.  Jim asked for a motion to accept minutes of last meeting.  Chris moved, Floyd seconded, called to question, Chris asked whether the invoice for the Conuma hydrology assessment has been paid.  Paul replied that we haven't received it yet.

Jim asked about the health of the trees for the riparian projects we have in storage.  Paul stated that they are dying as we speak with the cold weather.  Floyd asked whether we should be putting in a proposal to PSF for the project that Dave Clough discussed during the USHP assessment last year on Hutchinson Creek. Some discussion followed on the final report and prescriptions for projects, all in favour, non-opposed, so moved.  Jim moved on to unfinished business by updating everyone on the classroom presentation project in partnership with the Mowachaht/Muchalat.  Paul talked about changing the format if First Nations doesn't participate so the project doesn't die. Focus on stream keeper's education instead of stewardship education. Paul updated everyone on his upcoming presentation to the Gold River Scouts on stream keepers and what we do and how they can partner with us.

Paul also talked about the web site (grstreamkeepers.com) and it's progress.  Jim talked about the letter to the minister asking for another year for the Stewardship Coordinators position in Nootka Sound.  He went on to say that he has received lots of letters of support from the community. Action items: Paul will ask Dave Clough about his idea of tying back trees on Hutchinson Creek during flood periods.  Jim will look into securing more trees from WFP for riparian projects.  Floyd, Darrel and Jane will work out a project along with Rod and Gun members based on Dave's feedback on tying back trees during floods. Jim asked for correspondence. Paul stated that we have a letter of support from Mowachaht/Muchalat on the Conuma Off Channel Project. Jim recommended writing a letter thanking them for their support and asking for input or ideas that they might have for the project. Under new business Jim talked about creating a vice president position to deal with some of the issues that he and Paul can't take on because of other commitments. Jim asked if anyone would be interested in standing for this position during the election process. No one responded. Jim asked everyone for ideas on how we could get all members to participate more and how to get new members to sign on to our society. Some discussion followed on other priorities in the community and the lack of communication to existing members when holding regular meetings and events because of not everyone have access to email. Young people have an active life with peers and have a tough time committing to anything for fear of missing out on spur of moment ideas by peers. This will never change and we should try and work around this if possible.  An idea was put forward to assign someone the duty of phoning names on the mailing list when warranted. This will be addressed at the next meeting. Chris commented that we should be looking at setting up an E Team or Stream Team program at the local high school to help deal with these issues. Paul talked about approaching the high school three years ago and being told that there just wasn't enough time in the curriculum for this then. Jim and Chris will research this more and try to set it up. Jim then asked if all the existing directors will stand again this year and if so does anyone have objections to this. Paul, Jim, Darrel, and Chris stated they would stand for the same position if everyone agrees. Chris stated that Kevin also asked him to put forward his name on his behalf to stand as a director once again. Jim asked if there were any other members would like to put their name forward to stand as a director. Floyd Naswell put his name forward and Jim stated that John Bruce had expressed that he would put his name forward also. Paul moved that all existing directors, the president and the two new directors be accepted. Chris seconded, called to question, all in favour, and so moved. Welcome aboard everyone. Chris talked about the progress of the acclimation pens in Muchalat Lake and Gold River estuary for the Gold/Muchalat smolts presently being reared at the hatchery. Chris commented that he would like to see support from all groups so that one or two people aren't doing all the work. Paul gave the financial report. Jane moved to accept the financial report, Chris seconded, called to question, Chris asked why we were being charged so much by the bank ($70/yr) as we were a non profit society. Paul commented that he was told that this was the lowest rate available. Jim will look into this and get back to the members at the next meeting, none opposed, so moved. Floyd moved to adjourn at 8:42 pm. Next meeting is February 18/02 at 7:00 pm at the Aquatic Centre meeting room #1.

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