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2003 April Minutes For The Gold River Streamkeepers Society




Meeting called to order at 7:04 pm.  Jim asked that everyone sign the attendance sheet for administration protocol. Introductions followed.  Floyd and John Bruce send their apologies for not being able to attend tonight's meeting.  Jim asked for changes or additions to agenda.  Paul had three.  The first was an update on the high-speed Internet modem costs under unfinished business.  The next two were letters from the Village of Gold River and Fisheries Minister under correspondence.  Darrel moved to accept agenda, seconded by Stewart.  Called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Jim asked that everyone read over minutes for changes or additions.  Paul moved to accept minutes, Darrel seconded, called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.

Paul updated everyone on the costs of acquiring the cable modem and the ongoing issues with our web site host.  Paul talked about E Team discussions with John McPherson.  Jim updated everyone on the office rent and councils concerns over a grant in aid.  Apparently one councillor asked who we were and who our directors were.  We did receive the reduction in rent.  Jim stated that we've received money or a commitment from the following organizations:  WCVI Aquatic Management Society -$900; Regional District -$300; Critter Cove -$250; Gold River Lodge -$400 and pledges of $250, $300 and $500 that haven't been confirmed yet.  Jim went on to say that Western Forest Products haven't replied to the letter yet.  Jim will be soliciting other forest companies shortly.  Jim commented that we have received between 9-11 letters of support for more money from the government for stewardship.

Jim talked about the letter from the minister's office and the reference to the endowment fund.  Jim will be looking for money for per diem funds for stewardship projects and travel time etc.  Jim talked about calendar for Dunlop Creek Fence rotation not being ready yet.  Jim will do the fence on Wednesday, Kevin on Thursday, Paul on Friday and will look for someone to do it on the weekend.  Stewart will do fence on following Monday and Friday.  Jim talked about the Coho fence and the heavy rain event that occurred that moved it back a couple of feet.  It withstood the event well all things considered.  This past Sunday some members went out and repaired the fence.  Chris talked about the learning curve associated with the fence and trying different techniques, ideas to mitigate mortalities.  Chris talked about the letter from WFP on the sediment deposition into the Conuma River from a creek that Dale and he found while doing a river swim.  At the previous watershed committee meeting, Chris mentioned it to WFP and their response time was great.  Chris went on to say that this is proof that partnerships and cooperation work.  Paul talked about the letter from PowWeb.  Some discussion followed on changing servers for our web site and the costs involved.  Darrel moved to change our web site server.  Chris seconded.  Called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Under new business, Paul talked about the hard drive issues and it was decided to wait a while before upgrading.  Paul talked about the possible riparian project for Dunlop Creek.  Chris commented that we should be getting a professional assessment and not just going by the Stream Keepers guidelines.  Some discussion followed on what we can do without authorization or assessments.  Paul gave the financial report.  Jane moved to accept the financial report.  Kevin seconded, called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Under open discussions, Jim talked about our presentation series to the high school and that the first one went well.  Mowachat/Muchalat partnered with us in giving the power point presentation and the Ha Shilth sa newspaper was there.  Jim brought up an idea of his to form a Stream Keepers group of First Nations to partner with us.  Some discussion followed on whether we should solicit First Nations to join our society, as they are very busy with treaty negotiations and probably would have much time to dedicate to administration of a new society.  Darrel talked about Radar's (Glen) boat sinking next to his float cabin and that fact that it is still sitting on the ocean floor as we speak.  He has concerns over the possible diesel spill that might occur and the impacts to migrating salmon smolts along the shoreline.  Kevin commented that he'd been asked to dive the wreck but didn't have the time.  Action Items:  Paul will contact Andrew Day to check on the status of the $900 from the AMS.  Paul will draft up a calendar for Dunlop Fence duties and forward to Jim and Chris.  Paul will contact Domenico to see if someone from WFP might volunteer his or her time to determine whether Dunlop is a good candidate for riparian project.  Paul will contact FOC about Glen's boat sinking and concerns over fuel spill.  Chris moved to adjourn at 8:20 pm.  Next meeting is May 20/03 at 7:00 pm.

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