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2004 January Minutes For The Gold River Streamkeepers Society




Meeting called to order at 7:15 pm.  Jim asked Paul to chair the meeting, as he was under the weather.  Paul asked that everyone sign the attendance sheet for administration protocol. Introductions followed.  Paul asked for additions to the agenda, Jim had an update under unfinished business on the furniture sale.  Paul had two under correspondence from Dave Clough and Dave Davies.  Paul asked for a motion to accept the agenda.  Jim Mitchell moved and John Bruce seconded.  Called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Paul asked everyone to read over the previous minutes.  Chris Erikson moved to accept the previous minutes, Jim Mitchell seconded, called to question, Jim stated that there is no mention of the election of new directors at the last meeting (AGM).  Paul commented that this was overlooked and will be included in these minutes. 

The new director is Stewart Adams and all existing directors have accepted their roles for another year.  All in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Under unfinished business, Jim stated that he and Patrick haven't had the time to set up a meeting with WFP on the upper Hutchinson Creek FDP.  Jim talked about the success of the Big Bend Creek Riparian project and how the Gold River Scouts have almost completed the left over planting from the Gold River Secondary School students in November.  Scout member Joel Anderson will be coordinating the final planting sometime soon.  All in all this was a great project to promote our activities to the community and everyone involved deserves medals.  Jim talked about his enumeration of Siwash Creek and that he never seen a spawning fish although he did count carcasses.  Darrel updated everyone on the Hutchinson Creek enumeration numbers.  He counted over 70 fish in one day.  Chris Erikson asked if he was able to contact Ken Frost of the rod and gun to collect his data.  Darrel replied not yet.  Some discussion followed on Darrel coordinating with the rod and gun club next fall to make the process easier.

Chris Erikson updated everyone on the status and progress of the fry/smolt enumeration project.  Chris commented that it is still in the planning stages but it looks favourable.  Paul told everyone that at the end of February the high speed internet access will be discontinued to save money and that Digital Ark will be the new provider (telephone access) and there will only be 15 hours a month.  Jim talked about the possibility of moving the office and he is still looking into other possibilities.  He has been talking to the school district and the Aquatic Management Society for input.  Jim commented that eventually the newly formed Nootka Sound Watershed Society would be responsible for funding the office and the administration of stewardship.  Jim asked for a consensus decision to allow him to follow up with the school district.  Everyone agreed.  Jim stated that the furniture has to sold or disposed of by February 15/04 and anyone who hasn't has the opportunity to see what's left should contact him or Darcy.  Paul talked about the Wetland Keepers course in Courtenay on Feb 20-22 and how he would love to attend unfortunately it isn't to be.  If anyone is interested in attending please contact those on the handout.  Also under correspondence, was the Project Completion Abstract for Big Bend Creek and the Certificate of Project Completion sent in to Ken Hall by Dave Clough.  Under new business Paul reminded everyone that 2004 membership fees are due and a reminder that all students still attending school only have to pay $5.  Paul asked everyone to look over the financial report.  Jim moved to accept the financial report, Darrel seconded, called to question, Chris Erikson and Kevin Dello asked about the telephone bill.  Paul commented that it was for two months and we should remember that because we are a registered society we are classified as a business and have to pay $70 a month without any long distance charges added.  Discussion followed on why we cannot apply for a cheaper rate.  Paul explained his conversations with BC Tel.  All in favour, none opposed, so moved. 

Action items:

1. Jim and Patrick will set up appointment with WFP to discuss FDP for upper Hutchinson Creek. 
2.  Joel Anderson will be coordinating the completion of the Big Bend Creek Riparian Planting. 
3.  Kevin will check to see if he has room in his shed to store Stream Keepers equipment. 
4.  Discussion on inventory control will be tabled until next meeting. 
5.  Darcy and Jim will coordinate the sale of donated furniture. 
6.  Jim will give Darrel the donation jar for the Hawk gas station. 

Under open discussion, Paul stated that we have collected about 30-40 dollars in change from the donation jars and once he rolls up the coins he will know how much is there.  Darrel asked why there isn't a jar at the Hawk?  Stewart talked about the enhancement of all the systems that the local hatcheries influence and on behalf of the directors and the society will be discussing this with Dave Davies.  Jim stated that he has a lot of data that might benefit Stewart and will pass this along.  Paul talked about the newly formed Nootka Sound Watershed Society directors being: Paul Smith, Jim Mitchell, Dick Dennison, Stewart Adams and Jaime James.  Jim stated that it is great to have the Mowchaht/Muchalaht on side and looks forward to the future.  Everyone agreed.  John Bruce moved to adjourn at 8:30 pm.  Next meeting is February 17/04 at 7:00 pm in meeting room number 1 at the aquatic center.

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