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2005 February Minutes For The Gold River Streamkeepers Society




Meeting called to order at 7:13 pm. Jim thanked everyone for attending.  Jim asked for everyone to sign the attendance sheet.  Jim asked for additions or changes to the agenda.  Paul added letter from Tahsis Chamber of Commerce under correspondence and Buddy Day Event with the G.R. Scouts under new business.  Kevin moved to accept agenda, Dustin seconded, called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Jim asked everyone to read over the previous minutes.  Motion to accept minutes by Dustin, seconded by Kevin, called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved. 

Paul updated everyone on the letters of thanks.  Jim talked about the changeover of the stewardship duties and office administration from the Gold River Stream Keepers Society to the Nootka Sound Watershed Society.  Although the NSWS now maintains the stewardship office, all the equipment is still owned by the GRSK under contract with the West Coast Aquatic Management Board.   The NSWS has moved to only cover the costs of the office rent, telephone, hydro, and their costs associated with office supplies used in administration.  The GRSK will continue to pay for insurance, own phone bills and office supplies used for their administration.  Paul commented that he thinks this may become an issue at a later date over who should own the assets. 

Big Bend Creek update tabled.  Paul talked about correspondence from Dave Davies and Tahsis Chamber of Commerce. Some discussion on what the letter from the Tahsis Chamber was asking for.  Paul commented that he thinks it is something to do with a restoration project on the Leiner River.   Under new business Paul commented that he still hasn't contacted Steve Baillie yet on whether DFO will support the fence on Dunlop Creek again in 2005.  Jim commented that we should be looking at replacing the fence this year as it is starting to fall apart.  What about the one at the Rod and Gun Club that was used in the first year for Hutchinson Creek?  Can we use that one if it still exists?  Paul stated that he's been asked by the Gold River Scouts if the Stream Keepers would be interested in participating in the annual Buddy Camp event again this year at the rod and gun.  Time to set up tables is Saturday February 19 at 10:30-12:00.  Paul asked everyone to look over the financial report.  Dustin moved to accept the financial report, Kevin seconded, called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.

Action Items: 
1.  Paul will set up the Buddy Camp tables. 
2. Paul will contact Steve Baillie. 
3. Jim will work on attendance at meetings.

Dustin moved to adjourn at 8:00 pm.  Next meeting is March 15/2005 at 7:00 pm in meeting room number 1 at the aquatic center.

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