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2006 October Minutes For The Gold River Streamkeepers Society

Gold River Stream Keepers 

Meeting Minutes
October 18th 2006

I.   Call to order
     The president, Paul Smith called the Gold River Stream Keepers meeting to order at 7:15 p.m. on the 18th of October, 2006 in Aquatic Centre, meeting room No. 1
II. Attendees
      The following persons were present: Paul Smith (D), Kevin Dello, Jane Bogie (D), Ken Smith (D), Dave Davies.

III Acceptance of Agenda          
     Type O in agenda "Previous Meeting" should read "Previous Minutes". Also    
     "Financial Repot" should read "Financial Report". It was moved by Ken and
     seconded by Jane to accept the agenda.  Motion was carried without any  questions or objections.

IV Approval of minutes from last meeting
     Kevin moved and Jane seconded the motion to accept the minutes of the  previous meeting with errors and omissions noted. The motion was so moved.

V. Unfinished business
        a. Update on salmon enumeration. (Paul)
         - salmon enumeration has to be done at the following locations: Hutchinson Crk., Big Bend Crk., Dunlop Crk., and Delorial Creek behind the Gold River Lodge.  Kevin, Paul and Jane will be leading the enumeration. Contact either of them if you're interested in helping out.  Ken says he is available if more help is needed.  Kent (lodge manager) will be looking after Delorial Creek.  Enumeration should begin late October or after the rains arrive.

b. Update on the September NSWS (Nootka Sound Watershed Society) meeting(Ken)
          -  Ken did not attend the September NSWS meeting but will be attending their next meeting on the 25th of October.  Dave will also be there and noted that it will be a very interesting and important meeting. Several projects for the society will be discussed, ie: a) Coho enhancement on the Conuma River.  The NSWS would have to pay for the whole project in an approximate amount of $30,000 Dave says NSWS does not have the money available to do this and feels there will be no Coho enhancement done on the Conuma this year.  Dave is on the subcommittee which is looking into other viable projects .  He feels we should revive the idea of the Conuma side channel  It still may be a lot of money.  ( approximately $100,000 ) Funds would have to come from many sources.   He should know more after the next NSWS meeting.  b)  Restorations in the area.  IE: foreshore restoration at the mouth of the Canton River, which would increase the size of the lagoon.
          - Dave also noted that Caron Olive of Eco Trust Canada, gave a talk on community mapping.  Local favorite spots are located and marked on a community map.
          - also, NSWS tried to set up a fund raising dance but it was cancelled due to the lack of interest.
       c. Update on Stream Keeper's course certificates.
         - Paul handed out certificates to: Jane, Randy and Ken. He still has certificates for Dustin McLean, Jenny Riddell, Chelsey Pimlott, and Myles Calen. Thanks to Dave Clough for signing and returning to us.
         - the framing of future certificates was discussed.  A motion to do so was tabled to a future debate.

       f. Update on "chat night" - Paul
          - it is not up and running yet, but soon will be.  Paul will let us know when
we can log on.

       g. Update on new GRSK's website -Paul
          - he is working on the new website, and will have it up and running before

VI. Correspondence
       a. Paul received an e-mail from Roger Dunlop requesting help in obtaining otilith and scale samples from Chinook in the Muchalat River and Oktwanch River.  There is  money to pay for it.

VII. New Business
       a. Hart Lake Dump put to bed
           - Paul noted that Quantum Environmental Group has finished capping the Hart Lake Dump site. There is a section of concern in the back of the site where asbestos and heavy metals are buried, which is why there is  nineteen (19) test wells are placed around the site.  Some of the wells are next to the highway.  Regular tests will be completed by the province.  this reclamation project was financed by Bow Water Ltd. as part of their liability in selling the mill site.
          - Paul discussed a partnership with the onsite engineer regarding using the streamkeepers and volunteers to plant trees around the site next spring or fall. It was suggested GRSK may want to do this work in exchange for a donation to the society.
VIII. Reports 
        a. Financial Report
           - Ken moved and Jane second that the financial report be adopted as read. The motion was so moved by all members present.
 IX.   Action Items
        a. Signage (fish protection and enhancement) for creeks in Gold River
            - Paul and Dave will look into program for placing signs next to creeks in
Gold River and will report back at the next GRSK's meeting.
        b. Enumeration  
            - Jane, Kevin and Paul will do enumeration at sites identified in the
minutes. Others may assist if interested, contact one of the three.
        c. Mailing List
            - Dave will ensure GRSK is on his mailing list.  He will send all pertinent
mail to GRSK's secretary, Ken Smith.
        d. Chat Room      
             - Paul will continue to work on the "Chat Room" site and let us know when it is up and running.
         e. GRSK web site        
             - Paul will continue to work on the GRSK website and will let us know
when it is on line.
         f. Fleece Vests 
            - Jane will look for information regarding the cost of fleece vests   
previously purchased for members.  
         g. Advertising Costs 
             - Ken will investigate advertising costs relating to GRSK's functions.  IE.
meeting dates, upcoming projects, etc. 
         h. Cheque Signing Authority 
             - Paul will proceed with getting cheque signing authority changed so that
Jane Bogie (new treasurer) will be authorized to sign GRSK's cheques.

X.     Open Discussion
         a. Vest c/w GRSK Crest 
             - the approximate cost of a vest is probably around $50. and the cost of
a crest is about $5.  Jane will look into prices paid previously.   Dave feels there are monies available for this purpose or for hip waders if needed.
          b. Attracting New Members
              - we should be looking at ways that we can attract new members, such as:

* advertise in the local newspaper and local TV station.
* get people interested by inviting them to assist in the enumerating fish stocks.
* make meetings more interesting by setting up field trips.

          c. Dave's comments
              - on the 23rd. of Sept. 2006 ten (10) volunteers and Conuma Hatchery staff collected 240,000 Chinook eggs. 
              - on the 5th. & 12th. of Oct. volunteers collected 200,000 eggs from the
fish in the Gold River.  The count is lower because there were viewer        volunteers out collecting.  Anglers are needed in order to do another count.
              - it was a good year for Chinook and Coho but not a good year for Pink.
              - there is a proposed new Gold River hatchery being considered. Grieg Seafood Ltd. will provide a location.
              - Conuma Hatchery is not one of the hatcheries being cut.

XI.   Next Meeting
         The next meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on the 15th. of November, 2006 in the Aquatic Centre meeting room No. l at the Aquatic Centre. 
XII   Adjournment
         Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Jane. The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

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