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2008 February Minutes For The Gold River Streamkeepers Society

Gold River Streamkeepers Monthly Meeting Minutes
Aquatic Centre, Meeting Room No. 1
Thursday, February 27th ,2008

l.          Call to Order

                        Chairman, Ken Smith called the Gold River Streamkeepers meeting to

                        order at 7:00 p.m.   

ll.         Attendees

                        The members present were: Jane Bogie (Treasurer/Director), Pat Watson

                        (Director), Ken Smith (Secretary/Director), Kevin Dello (Member), Tom

                        Rasmussen (Member), Lyndy Jensen (Member) and Wade Jensen

                        (Member), Mike Ballard (DFO, Fisheries Officer), Dave Davies (DFO

                        Community Advisor), Marcel Minor (Guest), Dustin McLean (Member)
Colleen Campbell (Guest),


111.     Acceptance of Agenda

                        It was moved by Tom and seconded by Dustin to accept the meeting

                        agenda.  Items added under new business: (a) Report from Mike Ballard

                        (b) Report from Dave Davies.  Motion carried.            

1V.      Approval of Minutes Dated Jan. 16th 2008

                        Dustin moved to accept the minutes of Jan. 16th   Pat seconded

                        the motion.  Motion carried.


V.        Unfinished Business                       
A) Project Development

                                    a) Projects listed by priority

                                                l/ Dunlop Creek Fence

  • ·        Fence Redesign

(l) Committee chairman is Pat and other committee members are: Jane, Randy, Lyndy, Wade, Mike, & Ken.

(2) Dave will provide information in regards to fence design and will also provide information on the design and installation of an up stream fish box. This box will allow trout to travel upstream while the fence is up.      

                                                2/ Fish Habitat Signs

                                                              (1) Committee chairman is Ken and commitee

                                                                    members are Tom, Dustin and Wade.



                                               3/ GRSK Logo Development

                                                            (1) Committee chairperson is Lyndy, who will

                                                                  deliver the the computer disk to Fish an Stitch

                                                                  and pick up garment brochures.


                                                4/ Activity Station G. R Scout’s “Bring a Buddy Day

                                                            (1) This scheduled event was cancelled and will be

                                                                  rescheduled for some time in May,2008


                                                            (2) Committee was formed to organize an activity

                                                                  station that could assist scout members in

      aquiring their fish badges as well as informing

      them of what the GRSK group is all about. 

      Committee Chairperson is Dustin, other

      committee members are: Tom and Ken.



                                                5/ Big Bend Crk. No.l

-         Bank and Creek Restoration

(1) Fallen trees need to be pulled down off the

      hillside and be secured along the creek     

      this will help to decrease bank erosion and

      allow shelter from the sun and potential


 -         Trail Development

(1) Committee chairman is Kevin.  Once the

      Streamkeepers course has been completed, a

      committee will be formed to proceed with

       the development of the Big Bend Crk.

      No. 1 trail. 

  -         Culvert Baffles      (l) Culvert Baffles need to be installed in order

to assist Coho to travel upstream through        

the culvert.  Dave will provide us with

product info. and supplier information.  

 -          Fish Ladder

(1) This project is slated for 2010 as the cement

       blocks from the Heber Crk. dam will not

       be available until then.  Preliminary work

       will be done in the mean time.

B) Streamkeepers Course                       
March 29 & 30 from 8:00 – 4:00 each day

                        Instructor: Dave Clough

                        Participant’s Fee: $10.00 per person

                        Funding: Dave Davies (DFO) will pay for instructor and

     instructor’s expenses. GRSK Society will pay for books and

     classroom space.

                        Class Size: Maximum of 12 participants

                        Location: Aquatic Centre Room #l and Field Training at Big Bend Crk.

                        Ad :  Lyndy will prepare the ad for the course.  She will place ad on

                                 the local TV channel and on the Village Square bulletin board.

                        Streamkeepers Handbooks:  Ken will order books once the number of students are    known.               

C) Insurance Coverage for GRSK Members

                        Ken reported that GRSK members are not presently covered by any

                        insurance policy.  The Pacific Streamkeepers Federation is in the process

                        revamping the policy so that it reflects more on what type of projects the

                        volunteer groups are involved in.  The new insurance policy agreement

                        will be sent to GRSK once we have applied for coverage.


            D) Donations to the Rod and Gun Club

                        Ken has talked to Dick Dennison in regards to their participation and

                        expectations in regards to the annual donation of $500 to the Rod and Gun

                        Club.  At this time they do not expect to receive any donation from the

                        GRSK Society as their limit involvement in our projects to not warrant any special funding.           

VI.       Correspondence                       
No correspondence.

VII.     New Business                         
Green Island Energy Ash Dump Site
The proposed ash dump site is located above Big Bend Creek

                                    No.1  We will advise GIE of the importance of this creek. 

                                    Even though all environmental concerns will be dealt with,

                                    it will be GRSK job to monitor this creek on an ongoing bases.

                                    If changes in water quality are noted, we will bring it to the

                                    attention of Green Island Energy, so that by working together,

                                    issues can be resolved.


VIII.    Reports                       
a) Treasurer’s Report

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was made by Dustin

and seconded by Lyndy.  Motion was carried.                       
b) Fisheries Officer Report (Mike Ballard)
Mike reported on a new initiative which involves the offender 
 not being processed through the courts but be required to work with volunteer groups to repair damage done to the environment.  That way, the offender becomes part of the solution, instead of part of the problem.  This appears to be much more productive than fines or jail time. Mike also mentioned the fact that he has been transferred to Campbell River, and his position here in Gold River probably will not filled.  This will mean, no Fisheries Officer stationed here in Gold River.  The group wished him the best and thank him for his service in promoting the well beingof our local fisheries and it’s volunteer groups.                                               
c) DFO Community Advisory Report (Dave Davies)

                                    Dave provided information on the Conuma River Side

                                    Channel project.  The estimated cost for this project is

                                    three hundred thousand dollars ($300,000) and phase one and two

                                    should be completed this year.  The majority of the funding

                                    is in place.  This channel will support and promote the well being

                                    of the Chum salmon.                                                                                                                                      
IX.       Action Items                       
a) Fish Habitat Sign Posts

  • ·        Meet with Works Superintendent for sign placement   (Ken)

b) Insurance Coverage For Members.

  • ·        Ken will complete application form with a liability limit

of two million dollars and send it to Speirs & Co. Ltd. for


 c) Streamkeepers Course

  • ·        Lyndy will place ad on Local TV and place ad on the bulletin board.  Ken order the required manuals.


 X.        Next Meeting

                        The next meeting will be held at the Aquatic Centre, Room

                         No.1, Tuesday, 25 March, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.


XI.       Adjournment : (8:45 p.m.)  Moved by Dustin

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